Services & Goals


WISER will create a virtual community through our website with rich resources for member schools.

WISER will provide various networking opportunities to member schools to communicate with each other and share resources.

WISER member schools will have access to our experienced consultants.

WISER member schools will be listed on our website.


WISER will provide member schools with a framework in Arabic, Qur’an, and Islamic Studies.

WISER will offer various teaching tools for effective teaching on our website.

WISER will provide leadership tools, policies, and guidelines.

WISER will provide Standards of Excellence to member schools.

Professional Development

WISER offers ongoing training through various webinars, workshops, and annual conferences to weekend school educators.

WISER provides weekend school educators unique teaching strategies and interactive fun programs.

WISER offers training to administrators and board members to help them lead weekend schools in the most effective way.


WISER offers certification, serving as a hallmark of quality assurance for member schools.

WISER has formulated Standards of Excellence for member schools, outlining superior performance criteria across essential domains.

These Standards of Excellence form the bedrock of WISER’s certification process, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence among participating schools.


  • To offer Professional Development
  • To impart Curruculum Guidance
  • To create and curate Resources
  • To provide Consulting Services
  • To issue Program Certification
  • To facilitate Networking Opportunities