WISER provides guidance and support across three essential areas:

Student-Centered Pedagogy: Prioritizing student-centered teaching methods, WISER encourages approaches that cater to individual learning styles.

Develop a Board of Education for Weekend Schools: WISER suggests establishing a dedicated Board of Education to provide governance and strategic direction for weekend schools.

Create Professional Learning Communities (PLC): WISER advocates for the formation of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) within educational institutions.

    Student Centered Pedagogy

    WISER advocates a shift in weekend schools’ focus from memorizing the Qur’an to fostering a deeper understanding of its teachings. This recommendation underscores the importance of encouraging students to engage with the Qur’an on a meaningful level, promoting comprehension over mere rote memorization.

    Additionally, WISER suggests the incorporation of character-building programs in weekend schools, rooted in Islamic values. This entails designing initiatives that instill virtues and ethical principles, contributing to the holistic development of students beyond academic achievements.

    Create Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

    WISER advocates for a professional learning community, emphasizing regular meetings to foster collaboration for student development. Encouraging interaction among parents, teachers, and community members, WISER aims to build a supportive community reinforcing students’ Islamic identity. The suggestion involves establishing a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), offering parenting classes and discussion groups, and organizing enjoyable activities like picnics. Furthermore, WISER encourages parents to volunteer as teacher’s aides, enhancing the educational experience through active involvement in supporting teachers and students. This comprehensive approach seeks to create a positive, engaged community dedicated to the betterment of students’ academic and Islamic growth.

    Develop A Board Of Education For Weekend Schools

    WISER advocates and facilitates the formation of a professional learning community, urging regular gatherings to cultivate a collaborative partnership for the advancement of students. WISER posits that fostering interaction among parents, teachers, and community members will foster a community that supports students in reinforcing their Islamic identity.

    WISER proposes the creation of a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) that provides chances for parents to participate in parenting classes and engage in discussion groups. Additionally, WISER suggests that the PTO should arrange enjoyable activities, such as picnics and outings, for both parents and students.

    WISER was founded in 2020 by caring Muslim Educators to provide guidance, training resources and accreditation to Islamic weekend schools. WISER is dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth, American Muslim Identity, and developing God consciousness through the teachings of Islam, the Qur’an, and the Sunnah.

    Weekend Schools play a huge role for our community; and with a minimum number of resources, they serve a huge number of children. We wanted to build an organization to primarily serve weekend schools. With that goal in mind, we started a nonprofit organization called WISER: Weekend Islamic Schools Educational Resources.